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Anomaly [Noun] : "A Deviation From The Common Rule"

Anomaly is an Adelaide video production company that knows when you want to stand out. You have to dare to be different. Our biggest difference? It’s our team.

Our team is comprised of passionate filmmakers who are trained and dedicated to delivering the best video and audio quality possible. At Anomaly we know that to produce an outstanding video you need more than just a flashy camera. That’s why we have only the best people in our team of filmmakers. Our team knows how to write engaging concepts and scripts, how to efficiently schedule a shoot to save time and money, how to light and capture a shot for the best emotional impact, and how to bring it all together. It is integral to our business that all the film and video production work we do is high quality and stands out from the crowd. We’re not just people who have mastered the use of film equipment or programs, we are experienced storytellers providing strategies that work.

Whatever your video needs, we know how to create a film that engages your audience, on time and on budget. From initial creative concept right through to final delivery, we’ll be with you all the way.


The Process

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Video Production Services Adelaide and Melbourne - Concept


Planning out a video that works to sell your message effectively is the most important step in the process. We work with you to create a customised video strategy, outlining the best ways to generate the results you need for your business. This begins with collaborative, creative idea generation, and a script we create and you approve.

Video Production Services Adelaide and Melbourne - Production


Regardless of the scale of your project, we work tirelessly to capture your idea just the way you want it. Using not only the best talent from Adelaide and around the country, but also quality equipment and modern techniques to get the look and sound you need for your business.

Video Production Services Adelaide and Melbourne - Editing


We have our own state-of-the-art post-production facilities, which makes our video production more efficient and cost effective. We use our high-end editing and sound suites with dedicated editors, animators, sound designers and graphic artists.

Video Production Services Adelaide and Melbourne - Results


A final review process ensures that you get exactly what you ask for. We’re here to assist you with final delivery, whether that’s integrating your video into your website or delivering it straight into the hands of television networks. We also know how to organise the media buying side of things, keeping your costs as low as possible.


What Our Clients Say

Working with the Anomaly guys is so easy for us. They’re creative, passionate, and I know I can trust them to deliver, whatever the brief. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure we’re happy and can turn around work really quickly when we have a tight deadline. The shoots are always very professional, they make sure we are represented to the standard we expect and our clients are looked after. Always a great experience, highly recommended.
— Andrew Mazzarolo (Fusion)
Andrew Mazzarolo - Anomaly Media Testimonial
We’ve had a few instances where we’ve needed a job delivered on very short notice and Anomaly have always found a way to accommodate us. They deliver their work exactly when they say they will and add their own sense of creative flair to everything they do.
— Amanda Trainor (RAA)
Amanda Trainor - Anomaly Media Testimonial

How can Anomaly help you?

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