High Quality Small Business Videos at Prices That Won't Break The Bank

Small business video Production is the cornerstone of our business

Anomaly doesn't just service big brands, in fact small business video production makes up the majority of the work we do. We help businesses of all sizes promote their brand, product, service, identity and ideas.

This is just a sample of what we can do. Don’t be worried if we don’t have an example that’s exactly what you’re hoping to make, as every video is always about a unique business story underpinned by solid principles of storytelling. We’ve made small business videos for every industry imaginable and we know how to solve your particular challenges with video.


Small Business Page Icon - Is Anomaly For Me

Is Anomaly For Me?

It’s important to know that at Anomaly we service many different businesses. From household names to the corner shop, internet startups and non-profits.


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What's The Secret?

We’ve created web videos, television commercials and videos for social media on super tight budgets and pride ourselves on still getting great results. Our secret? 
We Tell Your Story Within Your Budget.

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Our Ideas Will Make You Money

You can have an awesome, quality video that gets you the results you want without spending millions of dollars - anything’s possible with a great idea and the drive to get it made. 

Small Business Page Icon - Keep It Simple With Small Business Videos

Keep It Simple

Instead of having helicopters, explosions and star talent you can’t afford, we recommend working on an idea that can be executed easily within your budget. 


What Our Clients Say

Caelum Schild - AEP
We found Anomaly to be the perfect fit for our 13 video series on health and wellness. Their knowledge and meticulous attention to detail was second-to-none. Great communication helped to keep us up to date about the progress of the videos. We are very pleased with the outcome and the feedback from our clients has been terrific.
— Caelum Schild (AEP Health Group & Wellness Assistant)
Tim Keating - Gym Food Australia
Anomaly was able to deliver the champagne product on a beer budget. They went out of their way to make sure we were involved, that our videos looked great, and more importantly - that the money spent was a solid investment and was going to get us more business.
— Tim Keating (Gym Food Australia)

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